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Fun and Creative Cupcake Recipes

It's all about the cupcake... Creative cupcake recipes and decorating ideas from basic to gourmet cupcakes, will lead you to creating your own decadent tasty treasures.

Creative Cupcake Recipes

Welcome to my kitchen. My name is Jamie. Baking creative cupcakes and decorating are one of my passions. I am going to share baking tips, creative decorating tips, as well as creative cupcake recipes.

You can bake a homemade cupcake, or a box mix cupcake and personalize and decorate with your own creative ideas. Everyone loves a cupcake.

A cup cake can be a simple recipe, designed for children, or a delicious recipe, even for the gourmet palette. You will find a cupcake for every occasion.

Please enjoy my website, and do visit often.

Click on the links below for a collection of recipes and designs by me, and other cupcake enthusiasts.

Cupcake Recipe Contest
Cupcake Recipe Contest

Creative Birthday Cupcakes and Recipes to Make Everyone Smile
Ideas for decorating cupcakes. Birthday cupcakes for festive celebrations. Easy to make and pleasing to both the eyes and the palate.

Cupcake Cake Ideas
promote the art of pole dancing

Creative Halloween Cupcakes, Designs and Ideas
Halloween Cupcakes, halloween cupcake recipes, spooky cupcakes, pumpkins, witches, and other assorted monsters.

Creative Thanksgiving Cupcakes. Thanksgiving themed cupcake recipes and ideas.
Creative Thanksgiving Cupcakes. Thanksgiving holiday cupcake recipes to liven up your turkey dinner. Gobble, Gobble.

Cupcakes for Christmas - Recipes Christmas Cupcakes
Christmas cupcake recipes. Festive decorated cupcakes for Christmas, including Snowflakes, Santa, reindeer, snowmen, and more.

Valentine Day Cupcakes
Valentine Day cupcakes recipe that is simple, and decorated with your sweetheart in mind. A Valentine Cupcake recipe to say I love you, or show affection for that special Valentine.

St. Patricks Day Cupcakes.
St. Patricks Day's Cupcakes. Irish Day cupcake recipes with decorative ideas,and delicious St. Patrick's Day

Easter Cupcakes
Easter Cupcakes. Bunny cupcakes, Easter cupcake recipes will add to your springtime fun.

Creative Cupcake Recipes Blog
The latest creative cupcake recipes, cupcake tips, and cupcake recipe contests.

Tell Us Your Favorite Cupcake Recipes.
Contribute your own favorite cupcake recipes, get credit and kudos from our community.

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Contact Me

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