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Easter Cupcakes

Marshmallow Bunny Cupcake

Photo Courtesy of Saucy Dragonfly

Easter Cupcakes are a sweet treat for this springtime holiday. I love baskets.

A small basket makes the perfect take along gift for a single person. Or, a larger basket to bring along when visiting make a nice gift too.

Everyone loves cupcakes as an after dinner dessert. Or, if you are having a morning brunch, a pretty basket decorated with ribbons can carry muffins.

Mr. Rabbit Funny Bunny The array of Easter cupcake decorations will be fun. Jelly beans, chocolate eggs, marshmallow peeps,or marshmallow eggs, green tinted coconut, pastel colored sprinkles, sugar coated eggs,sugar coated almonds, and more.

Reese's makes a peanut butter cup egg. If you look in the candy aisle, bet you can even find a marshmallow bunny.

For those of you that have some time,you may want to try decorating with modeling fondant,or gum paste. I'd love to see what you bake.

Easter Eggs, or cupcakes. How about both.

As we say good-bye to the winter's gloom,the flowers and trees have already begun to bloom.

Easter Chicks Cupcakes

My Favorite Easter Cupcake Recipes

Yellow CupcakesYellow Cupcakes Yellow Cupcakes that are amazingly moist. Bake this yellow cupcake recipe, and fill your basket with a ray of sunshine.

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