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Cupcake Icing and Cupcake Icing Recipes

Cupcake Icing:

Icing is what a cupcake is all about. If you are new at cupcake decorating, you will see it can be fun. Did you know the secret to decorating cupcakes?

Butter Cream Icing:

Butter cream is smooth and tastes delicious. It is white. You can tint it to a desired color. You can also flavor your buttercream to just about any flavor desired. You can add extracts, or chocolates.

Royal Icing:

Royal Icing is a cupcake favorite. Its consisitency is smoother than buttercream but just as sweet.


Fondant is an icing that forms and hardens. It gives your cupcake a decorated design look. It can be purchased, or homemade. It can be rolled out and used as a topping, or you can mold it, and make shapes with it. Playdoe for cupcakes.


Marzipan is sweet, an almond, nutty flavored icing, that is used for cupcake design and decoration. You can tint it any color, and mold it into any shape.


Gumpaste dries and hardens quickly. It is a Playdoe for cupcakes, that works well when making flowers etc. You can also paint on it. It works well for cupcake designs.

Whipped Cream:

Whipped Cream is light and fluffy. Made by whipping heavry or light cream until you get a fluffy, creamy consistency. You can flavor it with powdered sugar, a flavoring extract, or fruit.

This is a french term. Made with chocolate melted with heavy cream. The consistency of this frosting is very smooth, and a give a shiny appearance.

Glazes are drizzled over the tops of your cupcakes. Glazes are made with powdered sugar, and liquid to a thin, runny consistency. Glazes form a shiny topping.

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